Jul 12
Academic Writing Webinar Series 2016
Academic Writing Webinar Series 2016

Part I: Just an Abstract?  Making Your Abstract Count

http://www.ahediting.com/images/video/webinar1/  (Full edition)

Part II: Hooks and Sinkers:  Grabbing Your Reader's Attention, and What to Avoid

http://www.ahediting.com/images/video/webinar2/  (Full edition)

Part III: It’s Only Logical -- Why the Paragraph Should be the Focus of Your Writing
(Full edition)

Part IV: Keeping it Clear  -- The Importance of Clarity in Descriptions of Method
http://www.ahediting.com/images/video/webinar4/  (Full edition)

Part V: Uncommon Summarisation Skills – Paraphrasing Your Own Work with Finesse

Part VI: Conclusions, Not Ends – Concluding without Letting Your Readers Down

About Speaker:
Dr. Mike Poole has 17 years of experience editing for academics throughout Asia. Having completed his PhD in Southeast Asian Studies at the Australian National University in 2002, he joined AH Editing full time as Chief Editor, overseeing the editing team and establishing quality standards. His keen eye for detail and insistence that clear communication transcends disciplinary boundaries have ensured that our editors are proficient in satisfying academics in a broad range of fields.