Since year 2000, our lab has been committed to advancing diffusion magnetic resonance imaging acquisition and analysis techniques for precise diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases. Our research highlights are listed as follow.
  1. Validate diffusion spectrum imaging (DSI), the most advanced diffusion MRI technique, to resolve crossing fibers. 
  2. Optimize the acquisition scheme for 3T scanners so that DSI scan becomes feasible in patient studies. 
  3. Package in-house DSI reconstruction and tractography software into a shareware DSI Studio. DSI studio has been used by many research centers and cited in more than 100 papers. 
  4. Build a high-quality DSI template by registering DSI datasets from 122 healthy adult subjects. 
  5. Produce the most comprehensive atlas of fiber tract bundles in the brain. 
  6. Develop an automatic analysis method, tract-based automatic analysis (TBAA) to establish a high throughput computation platform for tract-specific analysis.
  7. Identify altered tract integrity as a potential endophentype for schizophrenia.
Thousands of DSI data have been collected from patients with mental disorders or neurological diseases using consistent acquisition and analysis protocols. Currently, we associate the TBAA results with genotypic and phenotypic data. Our ultimate goal is to discover biomarkers that enable early diagnosis or prognostication of brain diseases.